About Us

The company

Independence Research LLC specializes in all things broadband - with a particular focus on the SMB marketplace.  We analyze service provider strategy, competitive positioning and the impact of technological innovation on consumer and business communications usage. Our forecasts and surveys are designed to create a fuller understanding of how people think about and use broadband connectivity of all types.


Who we are

As an industry analyst, Matt Davis has specialized in broadband connectivity and applications for just over 20 years while building research practices at Yankee Group and IDC.  Now, as the founder and Principal Analyst of Independence Research, LLC, Matt leverages that experience to create unique research and analysis that is timely, reliable and insightful.


How we work with you

Our core offering is an annual subscription service that promotes an active relationship supported by quarterly reports featuring forecasting, market share, and trend analysis. We also offer custom solutions which includes webinars, white papers and consulting projects.


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Independence Research

#237, 15 Common St, Natick, Massachusetts 01760, United States

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